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Can I have a spiritual funeral service without being religious?

Yes. Today you have numerous options when planning your funeral or memorial service.  Just as you have the choice to be buried or cremated, you also have control of how religious your remembrance service should be.

A Life Celebrant is a trained and certified professional that can help honor the lives of individuals, families, communities and organizations. They collaborate with people to create and perform personalized ceremonies that reflect unique beliefs, philosophy of life and personality.

They can officiate all types of ceremonies and rituals, funerals and memorials, marriages*, commitment ceremonies, and can even develop ceremonies to enrich your daily life or the life of your community.

Life Celebrants are also there to help you express yourself in a manner of your own to create a meaningful, memorable and fitting end-of-life tribute. Although Certified Celebrants are not clergy members, the services they create can include religious references or be completely secular or anything in between.

A family that chooses this option will meet with the Life Celebrant to discuss their loved one’s personality and significant times and memories of their life. Celebrants take time to get to know a family, to learn about your loved ones passions and to carefully craft a eulogy and ceremony with their favorite music, quotes, and readings as well as unique symbols or rituals.

Whether the service involves traditional burial or cremation, the opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s life in this manner has been very valuable to many families. People, who weren’t associated with a church or faith community, weren’t stuck choosing between having a “less-meaningful” church service or no service – both of which would not have provided the closure that an intimate gathering and sharing with family and friends can bring. Instead, they could celebrate a life, begin grieving and rest assured their loved one has been sent off with love, honor and respect.

There is no additional cost to selecting a Life Celebrant as an alternative to a service or ceremony provided by a clergy person.

DeJohn Funeral Homes understands our society’s changing cultural values and serving families who are not members of a place of worship is not new for us. Our certified Life Celebrants, Ross DeJohn III, Patrick Creek, Danni Hubbard, and Kris  can guide you to create the perfect and meaningful funeral or memorial service.

If you would like to learn more about how a Life Celebrant can help mark the moments and milestones in your life, contact us at 440-516-5555.


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