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FAQ: My mother wants to be cremated; what choices do we need to make?

You are already a step ahead by thinking about and preplanning the funeral together. Prearranging her funeral is not only practical but also a thoughtful gesture as it relieves you (her children) from the burden of making many choices during a difficult and emotional time.

Cremation is becoming a very common choice at death. In 2016, one out of every two Americans chose cremation over burial according to a Time magazine article. This is a dramatic change from previous decades, which proves the Baby Boomer generation is shaking things up again with their choices.

There are a number of reasons that someone may choose cremation. Some people find it more accommodating to have more flexible options at the end of life, especially with more Americans living far from their hometowns and family funeral plots.

Whatever the reasons, you can plan your cremation and memorial service as you choose, including whether you have a traditional service or celebration of life memorial.

You may also choose if you want to have the service before or after she is cremated. Some families chose to have the body at the funeral service then cremated. Additionally based on your family’s tradition and religious beliefs you may also choose to be present to witness the cremation.

As one of the only funeral homes in Lake County with its own on-site crematory, DeJohn Funeral Homes can control the process of cremation from start to finish. Our caring and professionally trained staff handles each cremation with the utmost care.

With our on-site crematory, you have the choice for a funeral service with immediate access to the crematory. Families may be able to witness the beginning of the cremation process, even when a service is not selected. You can learn more about our crematory here.

Once the body is cremated, your loved ones remains can be stored by the family in an urn, entombed in a crypt within a mausoleum or cremation plot, or distributed (scatter) over the land or water. There are also several options for a green cremation and burial from choosing the cremation casket to having ones ashes encased with the seed of a tree to be buried in a family estate or sentimental place.

Our caring and compassionate Preplanning Specialists at DeJohn Funeral Homes are available by appointment to discuss your best options to allow your mother to be remembered.


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