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Flag Retirement & Remembrance Ceremony

Join us in Honoring Old Glory and our Armed Forces Veterans

Flag Retirement and Remembrance Ceremony
on Saturday, June 10 at 2PM
at  DeJohn Funeral Homes & Celebrations Center
12811 Chillicothe Road in Chesterland.

World War II Veteran, Bill Gemma helped DeJohn Funeral Homes during our Flag Retirement last November.

Everyone in the community is welcome to attend – and stay for a picnic immediately following with our local VFWs and Boy Scout Troops.

“Flag Day gives us another opportunity to honor and recognize current and retired military men and women for their service to protect our country and our freedoms. The American Creed states ‘we retire American Flags with dignity and respect, when they become worn, faded or badly soiled,” said Ross DeJohn Jr., Chief Executive Officer and US Army Veteran.

“Additionally, we want to Thank Stars for Troops who will assist in repurposing embroidered stars to send to military men and women currently serving overseas as well as local veterans and first responders,” he added.

Special Thank you to the Color Guard as presented by Chardon VFW #6519 and Gun Salute as presented by Willoughby VFW #4358 as well as participation from Munson Boy Scout Troop #91 during our last Flag Retirement ceremony.

Throughout history, cremation has long been considered a dignified way of paying respect to the deceased and to objects worthy of respect. Burning has been applied to flag retirement to offer the most reverent method of final tribute.

Flag retirement is the term used to define the proper, dignified way of destroying United States flags that are no longer fit to serve the nation… ones that are very worn, faded or unable to be repaired should be retired.

Flags are currently being collected at all of our locations in Willoughby Hills, Chesterland, Chardon and South Euclid. Collected flags will be cremated in the on-site crematory of the DeJohn-Flynn-Mylott Funeral Home in Willoughby Hills.

If you have lost someone in the Armed Forces, Police, Fire or EMS services, please be sure to include their name with the flag or come early so they can be added with the men and women being remembered.

For more information regarding our Flag Retirement and Remembrance Ceremony, call us at 440-516-5555 or RSVP below.