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Making a Memorial Tribute Video: Don’t Wait Capture the Memories…

Take video and more photos Today!

Most funeral services today include a memorial video that includes home video and photos. This video is a celebration of a loved one’s life as much as it is a way to grieve a loss and recall special memories and stories.

With today’s technology anytime is a good time to capture that famous story by your uncle or have grandma tell you one more time how much she loved it when you were little, and you did something special for her. These are just a few of the precious memories we get to experience and hold onto through our lives.

However, when the time comes for us to say goodbye to our loved ones, sometimes we are filled with the feeling of “I wish I could hear them say that one more time.” Which is why you have that handy smartphone technology to capture that special memory now – or at least the next time you visit them.

Taking a short video at the next family reunion, birthday, or holiday celebration can give you the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes and ask your loved one to retell you that story one more time or find out more about life when they were little and technology didn’t exist in the home life like it does today. Interviewing your loved ones can be easy with a few of these questions to get you started.

Also remember to keep your questions open ended and don’t be afraid to ask follow up questions too. Often some of the simplest questions can trigger an old memory to share.

Here are some questions to get your next video started…

  • What was your favorite family vacation as a child? What made it so memorable?
  • What was your favorite childhood toy?
  • Who was your best friend growing up?
  • Who was the oldest relative you remember meeting as a child?
  • Have you ever won an award?
  • What is your favorite traditional family dish?
  • What heirloom do you want to pass down and why?
  • What’s the greatest obstacle you have overcome?
  • What is your funniest childhood memory?
  • What were your siblings like growing up? Were you close?
  • What is the one thing you want to people to remember about you?


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