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Meet Our Staff: Sherri DiPietro

Sherri DiPietro has been helping families through the loss of their beloved pets at DeJohn Pet Services since 2010. Her passion for animals and connecting with families helps makes the difference when you are grieving the loss of your pet.

As a pet parent, Sherri and our Pet Loss Professionals that help guide you through the options to create a meaningful tribute and memorial that is unique to the life you shared with your pet.

“We go above and beyond simple private cremation. We help families say their final goodbyes and pay tribute to their pet, as well as guide them to healing on their grief journey. We have cared for family pets large and small, from birds, hamsters, ferrets, lizards and snakes to dogs and cats. We are here every step of the way,” said Sherri.

At the end of the day, Sherri is fulfilled knowing she was able to help someone through their grief journey, just as DeJohn Pet Services had helped her move forward after the loss of her dog, Tootsie.

“It truly made me feel better and gave me a sense of peace knowing that I did the nicest thing possible after I lost her. I wanted only the best for her. She was my little soulmate and she was cared for like a little furry child, which she was to me,” said Sherri. The support of Ross DeJohn Jr. during Sherri’s difficult loss of Tootsie made this time more endurable than she could have imagined. This loving and caring experience given to Sherri was the revelation that brought her to her calling.

“My Tootsie was precious to me and DeJohn Pet Services made the difference. Losing her inspired me to be here and help others through their grief. Families need to know that they do have options when they lose a pet. We treat each pet with dignity, respect and compassion just as they were cared for in life. They are part of our family. Each pet is special and each family is unique,” added Sherri.

Sherri’s natural gift to empathize and understand others who have lost a beloved pet goes above and beyond comforting families and providing grief support. Her passion is sharing a family’s story and creating the most meaningful pet tributes.

When Sherri is not working, she enjoys spending time with her human and canine kids at home. During the summer, she spends her free time gardening around her house, working out, taking nature walks in the many parks of Geauga county and spending time with friends and family on her patio which she refers to as her “sanctuary.”


Sherri’s passion is a personal ministry to help others. She is available 24-7 to answer any questions that you may have or to set up a personal appointment.

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