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Meet Our Staff: Danni Hubbard

As a Certified Life Celebrant, Danni Hubbard helps to minister to people who are grieving and to listen, encourage and support their journey as they travel a new road without the person they loved. She considers ministering to people who are grieving a real privilege, for “they allow us to encounter them at a particularly vulnerable time. Their need to be heard and comforted is real.”

Danni wants the celebration she provides to give hope and peace that lasts so the family can continue moving forward. Through her Celebrant role, she helps honor the person who has died by telling their story and reminding people of the significance they had in the world while they were alive. She also helps families with the grief process by acknowledging that a person has died and offering support to those who will miss that person the most, including tools to help the memories stay alive.

While she has previously spent 10 years in parish ministry, she enjoys working at DeJohn Funeral Homes because of their superior reputation for serving families. At DeJohn she knows everyone truly ministers to the need of families in their care from the first phone call to follow up after the person has been laid to rest.

“They are meticulous about details and personal touch often sought from families with care and compassion,” said Danni. “Life will always be too short; so smile and find happiness wherever you can! Tears and sadness are a perfectly normal response to loss. However, I truly believe that those who precede us in heaven want us to know happiness and joy – to remember the good times and focus on the happy memories we shared.”

She especially enjoys the stories she hears from families. “We are all so different and so interesting. I get energized as I meet with the family and begin to know about the person they are recalling. As I write the service, I feel more and more connected to that person and end up feeling like I knew them just a bit.    We are all put on this earth for a reason and I think everyone deserves to have their story told.  Our lives impact people, places and the timeline of history – no matter who we are or how long we’ve lived.  What better legacy than to remember the significant elements of a person and then send them off with honor and love.”

Danni grew up on Put-in-Bay but has made Euclid her home since 1990. As she and her husband watch their family grow through marriage and association, her favorite part of the week is the loud, crazy weekly dinners together.

All of her four grown children recognize they have talents and challenges, and she and her husband strive to affirm both as they grow and discover their place in the world. Even their youngest, who has autism, knows they are grateful for his presence in their lives; and that people enjoy his funky sense of humor and love of laughter.

Danni loves to quilt – each time she gives one away, it includes a “story” about why she chose the pattern, colors and fabrics for that particular person. When she is not behind her sewing machine, she and her family enjoy sailing on Pymatuning Lake, reading and volunteering at a variety of places.

Danni received her BA in English from CWRU (where she met her husband) and became a Certified Celebrant in 2013.


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