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Personalizing Your Life Celebration


Keepsake Memorial Collage

CollageAs a free gift with all full-service funerals, we create a memorial collage with photos of your loved one throughout their life. Small keepsake collages are created as a hand-out for guests during the visitation or at the memorial service, if no visitation is selected. The 8×10 collage is placed in a frame and presented to the family after services are completed. All the family needs to provide are eight to ten color and/or black and white photos, which are returned in their original form.



Bring together memories of your loved ones with PICLIF. Simply share your family vault web link with your extended family and friends for everyone to upload their favorite photos and memories to share with others. All photos collected will create a unique memorial video that may be played during the memorial service or kept for family. Get started on PICLIF or download the mobile app.


Celebrating Life Video Tribute

Please bring in 30 to 50 photos so that we can create for you one of our Celebrating Life Video Tribute. Please see this sample: