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Celebrant Services
Many times a family may not know how to proceed in planning a funeral or memorial service for their loved one because they do not have a clergy person or other officiate. Our Certified Life Celebrants can provide a celebration of life service that is unique to your loved one and your beliefs.

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Cremation with Care
We are one of the only funeral homes in Lake County that has its own on-site crematory. This enables us to be able to control the process of cremation from start to finish. Our crematory staff is professionally trained by the manufacturer and handles each cremation with the utmost care. All of this gives our families peace of mind knowing their loved one never leaves our care. You are even able to view the beginning of the cremation if this is what you choose to do.


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Green Funerals

As more and more people become concerned about the effects on the environment of traditional burial and cremation, the consideration of a green funeral is becoming increasingly popular. There are environmentally friendly options for burial, cremation and services.


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Magic & Coco, Certified Therapy Dogs

In difficult times we can all appreciate unconditional affection. Magic and Coco, our trained, certified, on-staff Therapy Dogs, provide comfort and emotional support to people in need. They love to help adults and children when attending funeral services. For more information on having our Therapy Dogs visit with you and your loved ones, read more here.

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Patricia DeJohn, MA 

On-Site Grief Specialist, Life Wellness Coach
An important personal resource is our Grief Support Groups, a six-week program, held twice per year, dedicated to those who have lost a loved one. This is a group discussion that allows families to learn how to heal their loss. Patricia DeJohn, M.A., also offers her specialized services through programs on grief, coping with loss, and death, as well as one-on-one counseling and Reiki through private sessions at DeJohn Funeral Homes & Crematory.

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Providing For You After The Funeral
“How can I cope with my loss?”

Everyone faces personal loss, but not everyone deals with it in the same way. We may feel one way when the loss was long expected, and very different if a loved one is taken without warning. We are especially committed to providing ongoing services and support to those who have suffered a loss.

First, there is our extensive library of books, brochures, videos, and other resources that help explain the grieving process, and teach us how to heal from our grief. There is also information on explaining death to children, funeral etiquette, and other important issues.

For those who need additional support, we maintain close relationships with grief counselors, mental health professionals, and other community service agencies that provide additional care to the bereaved.

In addition, our commitment to community involvement makes us proud sponsors of educational programs for middle school and high school students, workshops that support bereaved families during the holidays, and various seminars dealing with life appreciation, grief, and other important issues.

Why do we devote so much time and effort to these activities? Because we care.


“Skill, knowledge and experience gave me the tools to heal my grief attending Patty DeJohn’s Bereavement Classes! Outstanding, how I rate the sincerity, warmth and faith accomplishing subjects discussed in her meetings. It is Patty’s nomenclature to care and treat all with kindness. Good memories of our loved ones who passed on to eternity never goes out of style. Hats off to Mary K’s hospitality, she is superb! Thanks for a great job well done. Love is faith not death. With humility and grace.” ~ Rose Marie

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